Is Winging dangerous?

All water sports have inherent risks. But if you are able to estimate the conditions correctly and consider all the saftey aspects, Winging is a safe sport for everyone. Accidents always occur when weather conditions are underestimated or the own abilities are overestimated. But don’t worry! We will show you what is important to know!
We will teach you how to handle your equipment, where you should pay attention to and when it becomes dangerous. And don’t forget: Our spot, the Reschensee, is a very safe area for beginners and advanced!

How does a Wing work?

Understanding the wing is actually not that difficult. It consists of an inflatable fronttube to which a sheet is attached, much like a kite. In the middle there is either an inflatable middle strut with handles or alternatively a rigid bar. Both are used to hold on to. The wing works very similarly to a kite sail: as the wind blows in the wing’s direction, the wing lifts, driving the board and rider forward. Depending on the brand, wing sizes between 2 and 7 square metres are offered. You should know: A small wing is easier to handle, meanwhile a large wing generates more power.

Is Winging difficult?

Winging is neither particularly difficult nor particularly exhausting. You don’t have to be a top athlete or fitness crack, because it’s more about practising a technique that doesn’t require a lot of effort. So, Winging is a sport for everyone! So if you feel reasonably fit and have a healthy level of self-confidence, then you can start tomorrow!
Your big advantage is that once you have mastered the handling of the wing, you can try it out in the water, snow and asphalt! Consider: For wingfoiling, of course you should be able to swim and not be afraid of deep water.

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